Don’t Mess With Home Rewiring

If you have an older home, check the wiring inside of it. One of the fastest ways to see if you have old residential wiring is to check the outlets. Do you use three-prong adapters for everything? Do you see only two holes on some or all of the outlets? That means your home is not grounded and might use older technology such as knob and tube, cloth wrapped Romex or aluminum wiring. It also means that you could have an electrical hazard on your hands with un-grounded sockets or a fire hazard with old wiring in the walls. That’s why you need to call My Rosemead Electrician Hero, because we are house rewire experts.

Old Wires Carry Huge Risks

You hear the stories all the time. A sudden and devastating house fire inside one like your Rosemead home. The fire starts behind a wall and then spreads through the walls and often the damage is so intense before anyone notices smoke or flame that the whole house is lost.

Old Wiring Cannot Cope

The problem is that when older homes in Rosemead were made they did not have to power devices and appliances like we have today. They did not have to provide as much power as they do now. Modern appliances put too much on those old and worn wires and that causes the fires. We can do a total home rewiring and offer superior  residential rewiring in Rosemead, CA.

We Do It Better

We are the only licensed electrician in Rosemead with more than 30 years of house rewire experience. We show up on time and our honest, friendly and knowledgeable electricians explain to you what they plan to do. We can do a home rewiring without tearing out walls or shutting down the power in your house and leaving you in the dark.

Room by Room

We go from one room to the next and we go behind the walls using small drill holes. Our skilled and qualified electricians can reach back there and remove the old wiring and install the new stuff without having to shut down power to the house or tearing out the walls.

Estimates Now

Costs can vary depending on the size of your home. Call us today for a free estimate and first-rate emergency electrical service!